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Mon, Mar 11



Sketch it out... with Meg!

Whatever you’re struggling with in your brand or your business, let’s sketch it out. I’ll be online for open “studio” time every Monday. All the stress, all the fear, all the growing pains... ... get them out of your head and onto a page in your sketchbook. With me!

Sketch it out... with Meg!
Sketch it out... with Meg!

Time & Location

Last available date

Mar 11, 2024, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM EDT


About the event

This is accountability.

This is a dedicated time and space where you get to focus on YOU. Grab your sketchbook and whatever art-materials you want and just... go to town. Take all the emotions and all the pent up energy that's going to get in the way of all the amazing productivity you COULD make this week... and get it out into your sketchbook. That's why it's there! 

Make notes. Test theories. Try things that don't make sense in your head and see what happens when you put them down on paper. This is an INVALUABLE opportunity for any creative mind and is ESPECIALLY valuable for business owners. 

The miracle of creativity is that even when you're doign something that has NOTHING to do with the problem at hand (like drawing or painting or collaging), being physically engaged with creativity will help your subconscious brain to work through that problem and allow you to get closer to the solution. 

We need this... I need this. You need this. We have SO MUCH STUFF in our heads and it's all just bouncing around up there, getting in the way and blocking your path to whatever it is you're trying to build. So get it out.

Get it out of your head and into your sketchbook. 

I'll do it too. We'll spend the first 15 minutes of our time gathering and chatting. Then from 10:15-10:45, we'll hit mute, turn up whatever music feels right, and work through whatever needs working through. Bonus points for if you hit a wall and need help, you can unmute and ask me a question. 

Every Monday @ 10:00, online. Free with membership, members only. 

Let's do this.

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